04 The Antifa Episode

Antifa Protest

Prepare to have your proverbial jimmies rustled. The Bullshido crew talk to a longtime member of “Antifa” to get their story. Gerry Bello has been involved with Antifa and Anti Racist Action for over 30 years, and provides his insights on the why and how of that network—including the fact that it is a network, not an organization.

For those of you who are not of the caliber or cognitive constitution to process views outside of your bias bubble, you’ll probably want to skip this one—but that’s only because you’re a saggy testicle of a human being and should feel ashamed of yourself.

For the rest of you who have the ideological fortitude to plow forward despite acknowledged biases, you might learn something. We certainly did, and can say that independent of our own personal views on the subject; which, as always, are independent from the editorial views Bullshido presents in our mission to highlight bullshit wherever it may exist. And lately, it exists in giant piles on both ends of the political spectrum and the squishy middle as well.

Gerry Bello

Gerry Bello can be found at MockingbirdPaper.com (where you can find his breakdown/takedown of Andy Ngo’s “milkshaking” referenced in the podcast), and probably one or twelve hit lists by white supremacists. He also has a few books on Amazon, and makes an appearance in this Sundance film festival documentary:

(Lucky you, it’s the whole documentary, free. Feel free to circle back to this later, but listen to the podcast first for better context.)

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