03 Martial Arts Episode: Omega and Battlefields

by Bullshido News | September 16, 2019 16:23

A lot of you have been asking us to do martial arts-related stuff, so we changed things up a bit this time for you. Here’s an episode of “The Art of Fighting BS Podcast” featuring a conversation between Michael “Omega” MacDonald and Sam “Battlefields” Fields—both of which you’ll recognize from the Bullshido forums[1].

Sam is a martial artist, MMA journalist, and kangaroo boxer from Australia (two of those are true, we’ll let you decide which). Mike runs Valhalla MMA out of Santa Barbara, CA, and is the definition of an old-school MMA veteran, coming up in the sport from the days of UFC 1. He has a fight record of 17 – 3, and has been known to break people’s hands with his face.

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