List of BS, Fake, or Biased News Sites

by Phrost | November 15, 2016 14:42

You’re in an argument with someone on Facebook, probably an uncle with an alcohol problem, or a girl you made out with once in high school who grew up to be a “vegan witch” with a YouTube channel, or a teenager who discovered Tumblr and now thinks she has a PhD in Sociology; and you ask them to provide a source to back up what they’re saying.

Well if they use any of the following links, you can now officially dismiss them as being not just wrong, but in a certain sense, responsible for the decline of western civilization.

That’s not hyperbole, because our ability to move forward and improve the lives of everyone on the planet depends on a commitment to understanding the world as it is, not as we want it to be. And the first step in this is to ensure that the information on which we base our decisions is actual information, not BS that’s spread either to support an ideology that runs in conflict with objective reality, or just to make a quick buck off the clicks of the people who want to believe it.

Thankfully there’s an emerging backlash against this dangerous nonsense. One digital good samaratin is Melissa Zimdars,[1] an assistant professor of Communication and Media at Merrimack College. She has compiled a list of the most egregious offenders: Politicalo PoliticusUSA
Addicting Info
American News X Huzlers ProjectVeritas
Associated Media Coverage IfYouOnlyNews Rawstory Indecision Forever ( React 365
Being Liberal IJR (Independent Journal Review) InfoWars Red State
Bipartisan Report
BizPac Review
Blue Nation Review Satira Tribune
Cap News ( Liberal America The Blaze The Free Thought Project LibertyUnyielding The New Yorker’s Borowitz Report (satire column) The Onion (satire) (satire/comedy) LMR ( The Other 98% The Reporterz
CollectiveEvolution The Stately Harold
CommonDreams Naha Daily
ConspiracyWire ( National Report NC Scooper
Crooks and Liars NCT (New Century Times) Upworthy News Examiner USA Supreme US.Blasting.News
Daily NewsBin US Uncut
Daily Wire NewsBuzzDaily Newslo Walking Times Newswatch 28 Winning Democrats Newswatch 33 World Net Daily World News Daily Report Now8News ZeroHedge
Empire Herald Occupy Democrats
Empire News (ETF News)

This is the list as of November 2016. To see the most recent updated version, you can click here to see her public Google Doc[2] version of it. As we type this, the document is down from “Too Many Requests”.

The fact that this is down actually warms our angry little heart; it's a good sign for Humanity

The fact that this is down actually warms our angry little heart; it’s a good sign for Humanity

Dr. Zimdars also has tips for not falling prey to suspect news sites, which include:

Don’t be a sucker, and don’t fall into the mounds and mounds of BS that’s out there. Remember: it’s more important to be right than to believe you are, no matter how uncomfortable it may be to correct your false understanding of a subject with new facts.

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