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May 2012 belt test...
Views: 3123
Views: 2302
Joe Son vs. Bolo Yeung...
Views: 1529
Mortal Kombat 1: Liu Kang vs. ...
Views: 1457

Media (Recently added)
  Korean Masters Eat Lead...
See title ... They also head butt concrete, hammer nails and then remove them....

Views: 1123
Added by: Backfistmonkey
10/17/2010 3:42am

  Highlight of Jean-Charles Skarbowski - Drunk Thai Boxer from...
This guy is a beast....

Views: 2033
Added by: Phrost
10/15/2010 4:18am

  Faces of Synthol...
...or how I learned to stop worrying and love elephantiasis. *NSFW - contains some graphic medical footage from 4:40-ish on*...

Views: 688
Added by: Larus marinus
10/14/2010 6:39am

  More Synthol abuse...
A warning to the curious. (no sound)...

Views: 1915
Added by: Larus marinus
10/14/2010 6:34am

  1997 Cartoon MMA...
This is a 1997 Yogi Bear parody made by John Kricfalusi. It looks like someone was a fan....

Views: 1774
Added by: Holy Moment
10/12/2010 9:05pm

  BJJ vs. kickboxing...
...with value-added Rorion Gracie commentary for the purposes of snark....

Views: 1394
Added by: Larus marinus
10/12/2010 4:05am

  BJJ blackbelt vs. backyard wrestlers...
Pedro Sauer blackbelt, Robert Lovi demonstrates the capabilities of his chosen art in a good-natured rolling session with two guys who were of the opinion that 'these BJJ guys ain't all that...'....

Views: 3267
Added by: Larus marinus
10/11/2010 9:08am

  Boxer loses nerve, runs away...
...ends up hanging, semi-conscious from ring ropes. This was a bad day at the office....

Views: 1931
Added by: Larus marinus
10/11/2010 8:59am

  Streetfighter vs. Professional boxer...
Brian Sutherland vs. Kenny Rainford...

Views: 1345
Added by: Larus marinus
10/11/2010 8:56am

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Judo Throw Of Robber
Harai-Goshi in honer of Judo Month...
Added by: blisterstarr
  Flying armbar from a pistol grip
Great technique I have been using in class. Positively devestating...
Added by: Coach Josh
Guard Passing System 1
James Clingerman, from TheFightHub.com, shows 3 Fundamental Guard Passes individually and then puts them together in an easy system to help anyone pass the guard....
Added by: TapSkilz
  Yep, had fun. Oregon Open 10/10/09 Subleague
Yeah, needed another inch and a half, or to scoot my friggin but out and re-cinch... Had a blast....
Added by: DSL

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Dean Echler has been heavily bashing fake ninja ever since Choson Ninja became big. Matter of fact, he's the creator of Bullshit Martial Arts on Facebook. Where have you been? :p...
, 3/09/2014 11:28pm SpamN'Cheese
Colorado Karate Master Gets Slammed to the Ground!
Okay, that old man was doing this as a joke, right?...
, 3/04/2014 11:41am DaTedBear
Merciless Ninja Master: Kata Dan'te Koga Ryu Ninjutsu : Sensei Titus Jansen
The most important part is to scream in terror after you've killed your opponent by casually waving your hands in his general direction....
, 2/27/2014 9:20pm Azatdawn
How Chuen Sanda (sparring) How Chuen Monkey Kung Fu
monkey kung fu pattycake flailing...
, 2/26/2014 7:02am Syphilis


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