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Enshin Karate - The blind spot...
Views: 837
Rare UFC Prelim...
Views: 766
Sparring Round 2...
Views: 1125
Wing Chun Kung Fu Vs Grappling...
Views: 5410

Category: Fight Hub Exclusive Training Videos
  Bartitsu- The Gentlemanly Art of Self Defence of Sherlock H...
The Bartitsu society presentation on Bartitsu....

Views: 1795
Added by: Dynamicharge122
3/13/2012 1:29pm

  MMA CANDY- Armbar...
Watch out for these Ladies. Mature viewers only, I admit this is a little conspicuous....

Views: 2149
Added by: Dynamicharge122
3/13/2012 1:22pm

  Human Weapon- Marine Martial Arts...
Ever think about how the Marines train? Ask no, more, as Jason Chambers and Bill Duff, fight with these warriors....

Views: 984
Added by: Dynamicharge122
3/13/2012 1:19pm

  Kuk Sul Do- 5th Dan Demo...
Ever wonder what the elusive art of Kuk Sul Do is like?...

Views: 1197
Added by: Dynamicharge122
3/13/2012 1:15pm

  Fight Quest- Savate...
Doug and Jimmy get more then they bargain for in France....

Views: 673
Added by: Dynamicharge122
3/13/2012 1:11pm

  Fight Quest- Savate...
Doug and Jimmy get more then they bargain for in France....

Views: 387
Added by: Dynamicharge122
3/13/2012 1:10pm

  Fight Quest- Savate...
Doug and Jimmy get more then they bargain for in France....

Views: 303
Added by: Dynamicharge122
3/13/2012 1:10pm

  Fight Quest- Krav Maga...
Krav Maga, a style that takes no prisoners!...

Views: 355
Added by: Dynamicharge122
3/13/2012 1:02pm

  Fight Quest- Kyokushin Karate...
Doug and Jimmy venture to Japan, to explore the world of Kyokushin....

Views: 426
Added by: Dynamicharge122
3/13/2012 12:59pm

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ATF Approved AR-15 Full Auto Modification
Added by: The Grinch
  Yep, had fun. Oregon Open 10/10/09 Subleague
Yeah, needed another inch and a half, or to scoot my friggin but out and re-cinch... Had a blast....
Added by: DSL
Guard Passing System 1
James Clingerman, from TheFightHub.com, shows 3 Fundamental Guard Passes individually and then puts them together in an easy system to help anyone pass the guard....
Added by: TapSkilz
  Gong SauMatt Phillips vs. Kintanon
Gong Sau in the Gong South...
Added by: Phrost

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I think all those certificates are for the bushido awards...
, 12/20/2015 7:31pm Ronora Zoro
The Power of Aikido (LOL)
Yes. This flavor of Aikido is more akin to some kind of Japanese form of Tai Chi. to each his own!...
, 9/12/2015 2:50pm J.Gill
How Not To Act As A Martial Arts Competitor
I've seen worse. Once a guy walked off shouting throwing a tantrum because his opponent scored while out of the ring. He was a big mouth brown belt parent from my school. In a different tournament, a whole school charged the ring. There was something in the air, several times people were act...
, 9/07/2015 6:31pm laserleftfoot
Brutal Suplex Knockout
And the classic haymaker fails again....
, 4/02/2015 12:53pm Ki master jon


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