World Champion 2013- Gold Medal for YARDEN GERBI (ISR) -63Kg - Judo World Championships 2013

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Added by: PizDoff, 8/30/2013 11:48am
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Slick slick choke! 3:52 for dat set up! "Gold Medal for Yarden Gerbi (ISR) World Championships Judo - Rio 2013 - Gold...Read more

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9/08/2013 12:26pm, #29
Senior Member

That was lovely for sure ! On the other hand, unless things have changed, it's illegal in Judo to use the belt or skirt of the jacket directly to apply a strangle. The vernacular name for using the skirt is "Suso Jime".

Not sure if that is exactly what happened here, but if it's OK...

If anybody else has any insight into whether or not the skirt of the jacket was used directly here, let's discuss.

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