No website beyond the Facebook page run by one of the blue belts. I found my way to their location because I've been shown the place, but I have no idea what the address is--it's not posted anywhere that I can see. I train in the area and haven't heard much of their guys, but apparently they compete. I went to one BJJ class and am basing my ratings on the whole school from my impressions; I could be totally off-base on some of these points.

I think the adult student base is less than 20. I am not sure of the instructor's credentials, but his students said he's a Renzo purple or brown? Similarly, it's unclear what his striking credentials are, but I didn't get the chance to ask. He stayed in his street clothes while running class.

The training space is large, but equipment is worn and the mats are a little mismatched.

Class started with a standing bow (not sure which tradition this is from--TSD?), then we did some fairly standard rolls, falls, cartwheels and wrestling shots.

We drilled singles and doubles, then guillotines from same. The instructor assumed that we knew the techniques. We learned no-gi tomoenage, then a butterfly/guillotine sweep off the double to a mounted guillotine. Then we learned to defend the americana (which they called a Kimura) by swinging the attacked arm up and snaking your head in between their arms then bridging. Finally, a blue belt showed the class a Peruvian necktie off a double. I drilled these techniques with the blue belt and a relative beginner.

We did three 4-minute rounds of rolling and then bowed out. During rolling their blue belts definitely demonstrated that they are better than me (a BJJ 4-stripe white belt and judo nikyu), but not wildly so. I didn't see any purples or higher and didn't get to roll with the instructor.

Level 1 kickboxing on Tuesday and Thursday 6-7pm
Jiujitsu classes Tues/Thurs 8-930 and Sat 1-3
Open mat for kickboxing/bjj Thursdays 8-10
TSD ("Karate") classes MWF, not sure of the time.

All in all, I got the impression that it's a very small, casually run place with a few guys who have some skill. I have not been back.