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    12/16/2009 9:38pm

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!

    [Training] Camp Skeletor August 2010

    Lord Skeletor, a LEO who is a CQB shooting instructor, has graciously agreed to help the Bullshido shooters who wish to enhance their shooting skills by teaching an informal CQB class. We need to set a date and confirm who will attend to make this happen.

    The "Shootdown" will take place in Virginia. Due to logistical considerations the earliest time recommended by Lord Skeletor is April or May. The other possibility is August or September.

    So if you're interested chime in with a preferred date and what you want to learn.

    UPDATE 20100327

    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Skeletor

    I have talked with most of you about the event via phone and I'm on the hotel room reservations. Most hotel rooms around here are between $49-110. per night. I would recommend using a service like Expedia. If you have any questions regarding local room rates versus the neighborhood they are situated in, CALL ME FIRST! Some of the more cheap hotel/motel rooms are CHEAP FOR A REASON! Meaning you don't want to be there.

    Here are some of the more affordable in decent areas:

    Ramada Inn
    1927 Franklin Road Southwest
    Roanoke, VA 24014-1103
    (540) 343-0121
    Free Internet
    Free Breakfast
    Through Expedia: $50.-$53.00 per night
    Regular Rate: $59.95
    Government Rate: $54.95 per night

    Holiday Inn Express- Roanoke Civic Center
    *(semi-sketchy neighborhood)
    815 Gainsboro Rd.
    Roanoke, VA 24016
    (540) 982-0100
    Expedia Quote: $90.95 per night
    Phone Quote: $99.95
    Government Rate- $96.00-$129.00 (on weekends)
    Free Internet
    Free Breakfast
    Free YMCA Gym Access (next door).

    Those are only a couple...but check Expedia. Anything in/around near downtown Roanoke or the Airport should be fine. Try to coordinate with everyone and stay in roughly the same area to make carpooling/ride-sharing more feasible.


    We have all stayed in some crappy hotel rooms during the course of our adult lives...depends on what you want to spend, I guess. At any rate...contact me directly if you want to know about a particular part of town or something.


    Okay...here it is...enrollment at Camp Skeletor is officially cut off. We've got 12...and 12 is about all that I can handle. The ? People are the people that I haven't spoken with over the phone.

    1. Mad Malk
    2. Money
    3. Annatrocity
    4. Kid Spatula
    5. Plasma
    6. Stick
    7/8. BadUgly Magic + Son
    9. Scrapper + (Maybe Wife)
    10. Wounded Ronin
    11/12. JnP + NwP

    Maybe? EmetShamash

    If you are bringing a significant other (like a wife/girlfriend) and you're not sure if they're going to be able to handle three days of fairly rigorous fun, climbing, sneaking, shooting/getting shot, crawling around in the dark, roughhousing, some defensive tactics, etc---the days will be long--and the nights--well, they'll be full of stuff. Please let me know up front as the slots I'm filling with them could be used by about 5-6 people who are currently on the "waiting list." Roanoke is a pretty cool touristy kind of place with plenty of museums, mountain overlooks (we're in a valley surrounded by mountains), historic areas, and plenty of stuff to do/get into. I'm not suggesting that your significant others are soft/weak/lack heart...but you know what I'm getting at.
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    12/16/2009 10:02pm

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Summer is almost always better.
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    12/16/2009 11:33pm

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Some time AFTER 9-11 when I turn 21, but I guess that's wishful thinking. It'd be nice to be 21 to be sure that I don't have any trouble flying.
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    12/17/2009 2:46am

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
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    12/17/2009 9:02am

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Would this be a weekend or weekday event...or a combination of the two?

    I think late summer would be more better for me.
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    12/17/2009 9:09am

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Stickied. For justice!

    I like August, myself.

    Lets try to at least do a three day weekend, with discreet curriculum each day, that way people who have scheduling problems can drop in and out.

    I'll be there for the whole thing, either way. I'll bring Sam B. and my father in law. Maybe teh wife as well. SHe is bad-ass with a 9mm.
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    --Scrolls of Bujutsu: Chapter 5 vs 10-14.
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    12/17/2009 9:30am

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    count me in, assuming that i can work out a ride there.
    "Face punches are an essential character building part of a martial art. You don't truly love your children unless you allow them to get punched in the face." - chi-conspiricy
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    12/17/2009 3:36pm

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Looks like we have a lot of people asking for August. Optimal would be Wed-Sun. We could train Wed, Thurs, Fri (with maybe a scenario thrown in on Friday evening), and finish up with a range day on Saturday, giving everyone a chance to get home on Sunday. A couple of people have asked already, but we're going to keep all training limited to airsoft weapons ONLY. Simply put...it's not that I don't trust you fuckers....but I don't trust you fuckers. :5flowerfa Given that the group spans from the very trained (military/LE guys) to the untrained (novice firearms users), we have to cater to the lowest common denominator to ensure safety. When you get home, you can put nearly all of these skills to use in protecting yourself, family, friends, and home during an emergency.

    Again, I don't ask for any sort of compensation....other than deciding what it is you want to shoot and perhaps shipping me out some ammo to help out the overall effort. I can't buy ammo for everyone because I'm a poor dude, but I can donate a little to the cause. I have nearly every manner of assault gun you can think of, some full autos, SBRS, handguns, shotguns, sniper guns, etc.

    I would put aside about $25.00 for an airsoft pistol and carbine (you can get these very cheap, either online or locally [Wal-Mar]). And perhaps a holster of some sort, preferably with a retention device (although not mandatory) and a FLASHLIGHT. DO NOT GO OUT AND SPEND A FUCKTON OF MONEY ON ANYTHING. That would defeat the purpose of helping you guys out, especially those with limited funds. YOU DON'T NEED TO SPEND MONEY TO GET GOOD TRAINING. Hell, if you can't afford a softair gun, fucking tell me, I'll find you something.
    __________________________________________________ ______

    Based upon y'alls requests, the class would look something like this (I can change it to accomodate what you guys want to do):


    I. Introduction to Close Quarters Battle
    a. Weapons Selection/Usage/Retention
    b. Room Searches
    c. Building Searches
    d. Team Movement
    e. Vehicle Assaults


    II. Basic CQB
    a. Long Hallways
    b. Interconnecting Rooms
    c. Basic SWAT/CQB Problems (T-Intersections, 3/4-Way Intersections,
    L-Shaped Hallways, and Dead Ends)
    d. Stairways (Up and Down)
    e. Use of Force/Weapons Retention/Defensive Tactics


    III. Low Light Operations
    a. Use of Flashlights/NVG-NODS/Lasers
    b. Team Movement at Night
    c. Low Light Survival
    d. Observational Drills/CQB Drills
    1. Team Scenario #1 (Lighted)
    2. Team Scenario #2 (Dark)


    IV. Range Day
    a. Shoot all kinds of ****
    b. Blow **** up

    If you noticed, most of this is structured around team concepts and working together. This is no accident. I'm going to throw you together as a team, we'll choose random team leaders as the day progresses, giving everyone a chance to lead and learn from both your own wins and failures---as well as those of your teammates. This is one of the best motivators out there to ensure that everyone understands the material and everyone can do what they've been taught.

    SOME/MANY of you might have seen/experienced stuff like this before...just try to roll with it, until we get everyone caught up and able to at least keep up with your skill level.
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    12/17/2009 7:39pm

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Sounds exciting. I would prefer a later date for this so I have more time to request leave, etc.
    Best Vietnam War music video I've ever seen put together by a vet: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oDY8raKsdfg
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    Posted On:
    12/17/2009 9:34pm

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Very generous of you Skeletor! Sounds BADASS.

    Late summer would be great to give us more time to earn/save.
    Are you going Grinch? Maybe we could collect a southern cartel .

    Merry Christmas Fuggers!
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