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  1. IndoChinese is offline


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    Mar 2003
    angola, ny

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    2/25/2004 2:50pm

     Style: Liu Seong Gung Fu

    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    well, imo, the Tao of JustKuntaoDiluted is a decent book, far from complete.

    as it is a collection of notes, compiled posthumously, by one other that the author, it cannot be held to a very high standard.

    despite this, it contains much more info, of a useful nature, compared to more 'complete' works.

    I always liked it and definately picked up a few things from it.
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    Jul 2003

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    2/27/2004 2:58pm

    supporting member

    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    If there is any tribute you want to make to Bruce Lee-- follow his "philosophy" and buy this book. Its not the best 'how to' manual but it is a sincere effort. Read it, and appreciate the effort he was making to become a complete, individual fighter. Look at how he was struggling with concepts, putting things together, developing a mindset or no mindset, attempting to find answers...its a good example to follow and you can still pull a few good things from the actual text.

    Bruce was on a path, he had not completed his journey...and the book is not the ultimate answer. It is a guide to help you develop your own way. Buy it.

    Or if you are nice you can borrow mine. No you can't.
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