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    7/10/2010 5:35am

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Quote Originally Posted by jspeedy View Post
    Sounds like some school drama you are unnecessarily involving yourself in if the story doesn't directly involve you.
    I don't think he's 'involving himself' in it, he's just asking a general question based on something that happened in his own class. If he happens to be the white-belt in question, what's the difference?

    *If* events unfolded as described, then the blue belt is a dick. Pure and simple.

    I remember being at a club some time ago where the high grade I was training with spent most of our 3 minute randori gazing about the mat and generally doing **** all until it was time for him to train with someone deserving of his awesome. I'm talking walking off to get a drink, talking to people at the side of the mat and generally making it clear that he didn't come to judo to train with green belts. Dick. I could have learnt so much from him just by doing 3 min uchi-komi or something, but he couldn't be arsed doing anything with such a low grade and so neither of us got anything out of it.
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    7/12/2010 9:04am

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    I am actually not the white belt in question.
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