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    7/13/2010 4:02pm

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    The way I was taught it was to have the legs lower down then then the Subs 101 video (around the floating ribs).
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    7/13/2010 8:52pm

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    It's been quite a long time since watching it, but I recall Joe Stevenson trying this submission on Josh Neer in one of his first UFC fights. Since Neer won via decision, clearly it didn't seal the deal. I'd be interested to see how Neer reacted and defended.
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    7/13/2010 9:10pm

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Quote Originally Posted by WhiteShark View Post
    10th planet thing.

    I still have not heard anyone answer where the pressure comes from on this. I tried it on a few guys and they said it isn't something they would tap to. I assume I am not setting up the pressure right.
    Quote Originally Posted by speedycerviche View Post
    The way I was taught it was to have the legs lower down then then the Subs 101 video (around the floating ribs).
    just got home from practice. i mentioned the move and we all decided to work it.

    i pulled it off easier than anybody, just because of body type. however, it is harder to pull off than it looks. the pressure is either around your ribs, feeling like they are going to crumble, or it is around the floating rib/internal organs which made me feel like i was gonna lose my bowel control. at one point, i did blow a fart from it.

    it seems to me, that for noobs to the technique, you have about a 50/50 shot at pulling it off.

    but if you don't get it, you still have a really good and tight high guard to work with, and it still doesn't feel good, even if they don't tap.

    setting it up from new york does seem to help, one guy decided it was going to be his go to from rubber guard, and trying it out of a pendulum/flower sweep fake didn't work like i imagined it would.

    hope this helps.

    Quote Originally Posted by it is fake View Post
    yeah, normally i'd get a quote, but couldn't be bothered.
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    7/13/2010 10:27pm

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Whiteshark: Pressure is against the bottom rib, I've found that if you don't have your legs exactly right this move is annoying, but not tap worthy. If you get your legs positioned properly over that last rib though it's nasty. The pressure is generated by squeezing your arms together and extending your legs with your ankles crossed. This squeezes against those bottom ribs pretty nastily.
    I haven't done this to anyone in a WHILE because it torqued the **** out of my left knee one time when my legs weren't exactly right. The first time I ever ran into it was before I even started Jits, bullshido user Pinky (dunno if he changed his name or just vanished, but I haven't seen him post) did it to me way back in like 2006 at one of the GA Tech TDs.
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