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  1. spider2 is offline

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    Oct 2010

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    10/19/2010 6:15am

    Bullshido Newbie
     Style: muay thai

    Hell yeah! Hell no!

    Great Boxing coach in Bangkok

    I have heard of a great gym in Bangkok, There is boxing, Muay Thai, and Muay boran.

    Its called por leelajan elite, its based in Minburi, Bangkok.

    their website is www.por-leelajan-elite.jimdo.com
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    Nov 2004

    Posted On:
    10/20/2010 3:55am

     Style: Poor mma

    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Practice leg checks. Incorporate them into your shadowboxing. Envision a kick coming to your thigh and work on bringing that knee up as fast as possible. The more you do this, the less likely you'll find yourself reaching down for kicks.
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