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  1. Tangent is offline

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    Mar 2007
    South Korea

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    7/01/2010 7:05pm

     Style: Tae Kwon Do

    Hell yeah! Hell no!

    Muay Thai in Denver, CO

    Hey everyone, I've got a friend who is moving to the Denver area in about a month and is looking to continue her Muay Thai training. I've done a bit of searching around and have seen that there are a few places she could train at, but I was hoping there were some bullies from the area that could point me in the right direction towards a particularly good gym. Also, Muay Thai is not necessarily all she would be interested in, but it just depends.

    So anyone know what the best school(s) is in Denver?
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    Jul 2010

    Posted On:
    7/26/2010 11:10pm

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    There are a few places she could train. My self-serving side says to just name my own school but in the interest of fairness, do you know what part of town she'll be staying in?


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