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    6/29/2010 11:45am

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     New York MMA Examiner Style: magic FUCKING powers!

    Hell yeah! Hell no!

    No MMA in New York for another year

    Well, between last week's timing out of the bill in the state Assembly and this morning's stripping of MMA from the New York budget, it looks like the dream is done for another legislative session.

    I spoke to the sponsoring Assemblyman's office and got some additional information which I put in my article, here.

    The long short of it is that the majority of Assemblymen across party lines just don't want to vote for MMA since there are way more New Yorkers willing to complain about it with their vote than support it in a mid-term election. MMA fans between the ages of 18-35 really have no one to blame but themselves for being such a piss poor voting block. What was ultimately a "let's get this out of the way to shut up the whiners and get real work done" could have easily been a "let's just pass this thing to shut up the whiners and get real work done" if we had just bitched about it, more.
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    6/29/2010 11:55am

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    NY sucks more each time the politicians get together.
    MMA is already happening in NY at the reservations out towards Buffalo, and illegally all over the state. You'd think they would want to get their hands on some of the money. All they are doing is screwing over the fighters who have to travel on their own dime to have a sanctioned match out of state, and the grass roots fans who want to enjoy a small time local promotion.


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