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  1. strikistanian is offline

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    Oct 2007
    Boston, Massachusetts

    Posted On:
    5/21/2010 9:49am

     Style: Cage Fu

    Hell yeah! Hell no!

    Peter Rogers is the @#!%&#@! promoter in New England

    I'm pretty peeved right now, to say the least, because my Muay Thai fight has been canceled on a weeks notice. Why? Because, even though I signed up with him months ago, he couldn't find a match up for me. Except against the USKBA 140 lbs champion, that is. Considering that I have a measly official kickboxing record of 0-1, and I'm trying to build myself up in a reasonable fashion, neither my coach/manager nor I am particularly interested in taking that fight. Last time I fought in a kickboxing tournament, which he ran, I ended up fighting a guy who's had 50 amateur matches.

    I really don't get how he couldn't find me an opponent with so much notice. Are you really going to tell me that there aren't any 140 lbs 0-0, 0-1, 1-0, 1-1, or 2-0 kickboxers hanging around?

    That aside, he didn't succeed in matching any of the 7 people from my team that are fighting until 2-3 weeks out, which I also find rediculous since he had a couple of months notice. His events are run very sloppily and slow, and he takes FOREVER to get back to people.

    I don't know if any of you New England bullies have dealt with him before, but if you're considering it, I'd pass. IMO, it's unacceptable to have that much time and not be able to find a fair match up for somebody. He's either woefully incompetent, really lazy, or a scumbag that's trying to get me sandbagged by a CONSIDERABLY margin. (He's offered me the MT champ guy a few times, and we've soundly refused on several occassions.) In any case, having a promoter who is any of the above-listed things is a great way to get screwed. I can't even imagine what fighting for him as a pro would be like; I'd hate to trust him with money.



    Anyyywayyyyys, this was just another one of my venting rants, which probably won't garner much discussion. Bullshido is pretty much my therapist for my martial arts woes. <3
  2. Omega Supreme is offline


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    May 2011
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    Posted On:
    5/21/2010 4:50pm

     Style: Chinese Boxing

    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    No sympathy kid.


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