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    Quote Originally Posted by OZZ View Post
    Dude, there's no grudge against Toney in particular. I feel the same way about him as I feel about every Boxer who gets fat and overstays their welcome in the fight game.
    I knew he was going to embarass Boxing and unlike you..I was actually watching James Toney fight when he was Middleweight and was quite good.Watching him turn into a fat moron has not been pleasant.
    As I recall, you were the one who started posting about how you were going to blow your load all over tyhe place after he won. So, yes...I decided to disparage you particularly hard because I thought it was immature. Not to mention the fact that you were clueless enough about the man, and sportfighting in general, to think he could win.
    You admitted to jumping on the Toney-train because something about him appealed to you. Fair enough. But seriously, my man..if you had followed his career for any length of time and had a basic concept of what he was truly like - you wouldn't have been cheering for him. He's milking the fight game at a time when boxing needs true champions to represent it, not mumbling fatasses who should have retired a decade ago.
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