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I haven't posted on here for years, but I followed a link here. This thread needs more love. Did you ever get any closer to "uncovering the truth"? After years of studying Sanda in China I have recently begun studying Chen-style Taijiquan. The longer I live in China and the more I get to know the language and culture, the more I find. In my small southern city I have found the big three internals and many others.

Years ago I had read about Zhang Sanfeng, but I have heard nothing but Chen Wangting from Chinese. Also, the Shaolin temple and Wudangshan aren't exactly highly regarded by almost everyone that I've met.

That said, I have a Chinese friend, a very talented martial artist that majored in Shuaijiao, that found a Wudangquan teacher and has been studying forms and applications from him and is preparing to make a trip to Wudangshan to scope the place out. When he learned seemed legitimate, though I am unsure of any authentic connections to the three "internal arts". As far as I know there was no intent to study those.

If anyone is interested I can follow up on this later. Tomorrow I'm leaving for my wife's village so I will not have internet access for a time.
Any info or love you can provide is greatly appreciated, comrade.
Recently I haven't had the time to scour the books and pen the notes. However, in a few months that's going to change, so I may continue with a few more sections as time allows.

I have very extensive notes on the eight trigram sect and it's influence on late anti-Qing movement, as well as some very direct correlation between their propaganda, and what is considered a more or less primary source for much of the Zhang San Feng mythos.

More to come, I hope...