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  1. Matt Stone is offline
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    4/08/2010 12:37am

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    Robert Braff

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    Wow. Not sure how I managed to start a thread on this without deliberately starting a thread, but whatever...

    I was looking for a discussion thread on this topic, though... After looking at the "OCMJ" (the Ohio Code of Military Justice), I didn't see anything akin to the UCMJ's charge for wearing unauthorized insignia, but someone might still consider contacting the Ohio Adjutant General's office to report this guy... Somehow I can't believe his commander, or at least senior personnel if he's no longer involved with this militia group, may take issue with his having presented himself as a colonel (and with a beard, to boot).

    Just a thought.
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    4/08/2010 12:54am

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    OMR IG is aware of this issue. No other comment at this time.
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    4/08/2010 5:56pm

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    As if that beard in ACU's wasn't damning enough...


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