mma review ratings
Aliveness: 8

Equipment: 6

Gym Size: 6

Atmosphere/Attitude: 10

Striking Instruction: 6

Grappling Instruction: 2

Weapons Instruction: 4

i have been training at this club for a little over 8 months. Styles here are xing yi quan, wing chung, praying mantis, tai chi, yili quan The club situated in a large enough warehouse but shares the space with a kettlebell gym. Shifu Mark stapleton runs the kung fu classes. The gym is part owned by him also but thats not really relavent. The kung fu room is small enough but the class sizes are generally small. The most at one time I think was ten.
Generally there's a very decent instructor student ratio being around half and three quaters, if i include the two seniors.
Theres a decent ammount of specilised training equipment, weighted jars punching bag wall bag ect that are kung fu related but anything lacking can just be grabbed from the next room. But the sparring equipment is well looked but small in number.
The aliveness generally ranges from 3-8 depending on the average level of the class, so i just gave it a 8
School has a uniform which is t-shirt and black pants. uniform is expected to be ironed and washed.
School also has a belt system. You are not told about the tests in advance and are given only based on aptitude not time. definately not a black belt mill.
Grappling instruction- very little ground work, but a decent ammount of standing grappling and throws.
Atmosphere- jesus the bant and the craic, never a dull momment. Very freindly helpfull atmosphere. Everyone takes it what they do seriously and arrogance does not last very long here. Thankfully not straying into cult territory, unlike a certain other ...
obviously a nice bit of irish slagging too.
Strikeing instruction - more emphesis is placed on punchs than kicks.
weapons - small ammountof weapons. more supplemental training and its done every now and again.
most likely i'm after leaveing out a load of stuff but thats enough writeing for now