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    The "G" Stands for "Gangster": Torres Cut Surgery

    A couple people know this, but I have a strange quest to find disturbing and graphic images and video across the internet. On the CK Wince-O-Meter, the following video of Miguel Torres getting stitched up ranks a 7/10.

    Probably NSFW, unless you work in a hospital or something.

    The only youtube vid I could find:
    YouTube- Miguel Torres gets surgery on his nasty forehead cut .avi

    I think it was a little harsh to call out the ref for not doing his job, I'm still not really clear on what makes cuts dangerous for fighters (except for getting blood in the eyes and such). Anyway, Benavidez still got the sick choke, so the cut wasn't really a deciding factor. Sure is nasty to look at, though.

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    So did i hear this exchange right?
    "So how'd this happen?"
    "Elbowed by a midget"

    lol @ "Are you not entertained?"


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