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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Quote Originally Posted by gonzomalan View Post
    i think, for the most part, the current champions in the ufc make the ufc, except for the 205 and 265 divisions, where zuffa owns much of the top talent. example: in a recent interview with royce gracie, the interviewer asks who he thinks will win in upcoming fights, like renzo/hughes. when asked about gsp/hardy, royce gives a blank face and asks, "who?". when asked about penn/edgar, royce gives another blank face and asks, "who?".

    i don't necessarily disagree with you, but i also want to point out that penn, gsp, silva, and the top of 205 would make any organization's roster look weak and lacking, the ufc included.
    This just in: Royce Gracie doesn't know **** about MMA.

    And if you think Royce doesn't know who BJ Penn is, you're kidding yourself. It's just the Gracie family way of shunning someone who took your system and became better at it than you ever were.

    Rudy Reyes > Bear Grylls
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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Quote Originally Posted by Ka-Bar View Post
    And if you think Royce doesn't know who BJ Penn is,
    no, royce doesn't know who frankie edgar is. or dan hardy, which was the point of me quoting him.


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