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  1. Valiss is offline

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    2/16/2010 5:29pm

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Do ya think the UFC is going to drop Wandy if he loses this one? I mean do they keep guys around that are 1-6 in the last 7 fights?
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    2/16/2010 5:39pm

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Quote Originally Posted by fourTwenty View Post
    1. Silva, being Silva, will decide he wants to go play on the ground to challenge himself against Maia. It will be a fantastic bout, possibly the most beautiful BJJ ever seen in the Octogan. Silva will perform fantastically, he will almost catch Maia in a sub early and then will continue to trouble Maia until the early 3rd. Sadly, if your a Spider fan, this is when Maia will catch Anderson with a beautiful fake and get the tap, win, and title. The sheer beauty of the BJJ will cause the Emirate fans to build a roof on Ferrari World and then blow the fucker off. Maia will get KTFO 1st round in the rematch.

    2. Maia gets KTFO 1st round. I get pissed, thinking of what might have been in Abu Dabi.

    3. Maia charges across the ring and Ryo Chonnen's Silva's ass. I have fightgasm all over my computer. Maia gets KTFO 1st round in the rematch.
    Since Silva didn't feel like "challenging himself" against Thales Leites, I have a hard time believing he'll be up for it against Maia, who is arguably even more of a jitz-wizard.

    I put my money on "2", because I believe Maia won't play as defensive as Leites. He will probably go forward sooner or later and engage, just to get the clinch and try to take Anderson down. And that shall be his undoing.
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