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    Hell yeah! Hell no!

    jens pulver Driven documentary still needs help with funding

    For those lil evil fans that have either read his book, watched his fights and his fight instructional vids here's your chance to help with the making of an awesome documentary about the fight career and life of the UFC's first ever lightweight champion.


    Watching the preview (which is provided on the link above) the doco looks to be kick ass. The crew needs to raise $25 000 to help a buy new HD camera, accomodation and other stuff so they can cover what may very well be the last time this legend steps into the cage. Also a $25 donation will get you a signed copy (by lil evil himself) So you pretty much you will be pre ordering a signed copy of what looks to be a great DVD.

    Here's a preview

    and here's some other jens pulver vids that may get you in the mood to donate.

    if you love dirty boxing and wanna learn about it
    YouTube- Jens Pulver Dirty Boxing Vol. 1
    YouTube- Jens Pulver - Dirty Boxing Vol.1 - Part 2
    YouTube- Jens Pulver - Dirty Boxing Vol.1 - Part 3

    Thanks everyone

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Thanks for posting this! I'm the guy making the film. Just wanted to clarify that the fundraiser was not to buy new gear, but to rent gear necessary to make the film. Cover the costs of travel to Columbus, Ohio for Jens's fight (I live in Idaho, where Jens lives now), insurance, additional crew, and so on.

    Also, this is not a donation, it's a contribution that gives you rewards, like the DVD, and much more when you pledge support.

    Thanks again,

    Gregory Bayne

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    oops sorry bout that, either way i hope more people get behind this


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