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    Quote Originally Posted by maxthegeek1 View Post
    Varner was aggressive and winning up until he got kicked in the balls, and herb dean didn't call it, and then henderson jumped on him when he turned away and reached for his nuts, douches.
    Jamie, is that you?

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Quote Originally Posted by Ka-Bar View Post
    Mizugaki gave Torres the fight of his life (at least until Brian Bowles came along) and that fight was an instant classic. He beat Curran and lost to Jorgensen, no shame in that and hardly what you would call faltering royally.

    I understand Faber and Brown will put butts in seats. I'm not arguing this from the business point of view, I'm arguing what's fair.
    As a whole. Many of the Japanese stars they brought over to challenge their champions haven't done so hot. Think Maeda and Miura as too examples. Not bad fighters and the fights they have been in have been awesome. Just haven't done so great considering they were brought in to challenge the champions.
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