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  1. nbella is offline


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    Nov 2009
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    11/13/2009 1:08am

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     Style: Boxing & BJJ

    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Danny Williams v Konstantin Airich. Watch it on youtube and you'll be amazed - I'd bet my mom that the ref was paid off.
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    May 2007

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    11/13/2009 1:29am

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     Style: Ex-Tiger KF, ex-SanDa

    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Vitor Belfort vs Scott Ferrozo.

    Early as ****, just cause he was postured up...it looked better than it was. He came under the arm, and landed a good shot, which made Ferrozo drop to his chest, but he wasn't out...and even before they were seperated, he was trying to fight on.

    Long ago, but I still think it was bullshit...find your own damn footage.
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