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  1. grandloupmechant is offline

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    Jan 2003

    Posted On:
    2/06/2004 7:17am

     Style: Taiji quan yang style ("cheng fu" and "lu chan"

    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Well, i forgot to say please.
    naughty naughty grandloupmechant !
  2. Greg is offline


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    Nov 2003

    Posted On:
    2/09/2004 8:46am

    supporting member
     Style: Shnizzletodawizzle

    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    I do the purely stretching part of yoga for about an hour and a half once a week, all kinds of contortions / poses (fish, lion, wheel, dancer, eagle etc.), some easy, some difficult (I donít think I will ever be able to do the scorpion). I find it is really a good compliment to weight training. Your body feels a lot less sore and knotted up after.

    PS The hippy **** I canít stand. There are interesting elements and truths in the full yoga system and ayurvedic medicine... but hippies, new age idiots and con artists tend to ruin everything with their bullshit. (pretty much like in MA!)
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