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    Quote Originally Posted by Lights Out View Post

    I was wondering if a federation and an official curriculum would benefit of hurt MMA, in terms of spreading and standarizing the teaching.

    There ara a bunch of styles out there with a standarized curriculum and so far, it hasn't hurt them.

    but most of those we dont respect either....

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    yes and no, i understand what you mean however, often MMA is taught as crappy kickboxing with crappy BJJ and wrestling. There should be a recommended curriculum but not from an "official" governing body.

    Here is what i would include, based on nothing but my own assy opinion:

    striking with hands, shins, knees and elbows.
    MT clinch and how to knee/elbow from there.
    Wrestling clinch and how to do basic hip throws and Osotogari
    how to do wrestling pickups and slams
    sprawling and shooting
    Gnp and basic BJJ such as armbar, triangle, shoulder locks and RNC.

    however this has already been covered for the most part in this book:

    The only way this might help is by bringing more competition where you live against other fighters, call M1 and have them do Spain VS Russia then have the red devil club say "sup" in the rings.

    Unless the fighters/trainers there start training in other clubs that are more serious, fight on international circuit and then go back to teach in Spain, you will continue having such crap floating around.

    The idea is good but it should be implemented by natural selection, not laws and government.

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    If a certain curriculum was laid down and a quality control of some sort were in place it would help cut out all the fraud places but in the same time it would stall the development of MMA.

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Giving MMA a standarized curriculum or a belt system won't work, since it is "Mixed Martial Arts" and thus these things are just against the nature of MMA.

    What you could do is establish a minimal ranking for the teachers in the seperate arts that can we used in MMA in accordanse with their respective organisations. Than establishing the minimal art combinations that a student has to study to gain the capability to fight under MMA rules and creating a control body/federation to check that "MMA" teachers hold this rank.

    Example minimal ranking for teachers:
    Striking arts:
    - Kyokushin and offshoots: 3rd Dan
    - Muay Thai: Kru
    - Savate: Silver Gloves
    - Kickboxing: state champion (if there are no rankings in the system)
    - Boxing: state champion
    - Sanda: State champion

    Grappling arts:
    - Judo: 3rd Dan
    - Sport-SAMBO: state champion
    - Bjj: 1st degree BB
    - Wrestling: state champignon

    Mixed Systems:
    - Combat-SAMBO: state champion

    * there will be other arts that can put in the above list, but you get the idea*

    Than the minimal art requirements to fight MMA:
    - Combat-Sambo
    - Muay Thai - Sport-SAMBO
    - Savate - Judo - Bjj
    - Boxing - Wrestling - Kyokushin
    - Muay Thai - Bjj
    - Sanda - Shooto - Wrestling
    - etc....

    *other combinations possible, so long that it prepares the fighter for MMA*

    Students get ranking or competition ranks in the seperate MA's and when they have a certain level in their MA's they can enter MMA competition.

    So a standerized curriculum is not needed, there won't be the need to get black belts in "MMA", since there are belt or ranks in the seperate arts.
    And it will prevent BS-artists and McDojos to jump on the MMA bandwagon because there are certain requirements that have to be fullfilled.
    The only that is needed is a controlling organisation that checks the ranks of the teachers with the organisations that gave that rank in the first place.
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