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    10/06/2009 7:12am

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Quote Originally Posted by Tersi View Post
    There is no empathy for anyone in japan.
    I knew this already. My great uncle (my granddad's brother) was in a Japanese POW camp during WWII
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    10/06/2009 10:54am

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Quote Originally Posted by cam4276 View Post
    protection status... oh, you mean like the blue whale... which japan only stopped hunting after they had killed so many it was no longer economically viable to hunt them. Now they just kill other endangered whales.

    Japan is a signatory to CITES

    Different countries have different laws relating to how the CITES annexes are policed and enforced and also have different laws relating to the sale, import and export of endangered species.

    In the UK, for example, it is legal to sell products made from animals on Annexe I within the EU provided the product was "worked" prior to April 1947. It is legal to sell products made from animals on Annexe II within the EU only regardless of when the product was worked.

    In relation to wild animals, they can only be kept in captivity if the owner has the relevant licenses from DEFRA

    I know nothing about how Japan enforces their particular legislation and I would imagine that as the monkey concerned was on annexe II of CITES trade in those monkeys or their products, within Japan, may very well be legal. Animals on Annexe I have the most protection, but this monkey is on annexe II so unlikely to be highly protected.

    There may be licensing laws in relation to keeping live animals but I don't know what they are or how well enforced they are.
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    10/06/2009 10:59am

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Not too highly enforced. And again, the fact that he is a celebrity serves to lessen any legal impact that he may have otherwise had to deal with.

    I would think the only reason this became an issue worthy of apology in their eyes, is the international outrage this caused.
    Kama Sutra blue belt.

    Quote Originally Posted by Emevas View Post
    I used to **** guys like you in prison.
    Quote Originally Posted by Rock Ape View Post
    Dude I kill people for a fucking living.

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