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Thread: Trent Suzuki

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Sigh, and again my hopes are dashed. Why oh why do I believe the best of people?
    Can we get Mr. Suzuki on the thread to clear up what qualifications he actually is claiming and from where he claims to have acquired them?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amishgrappler View Post
    I train boxing at the gym where Mr. Suzuki works. Many of his qualifications including his Bullshido Masters degree are printed on his business cards and other promotional materials, so its not an honest mistake, he is just trying to save face after being called out.
    He talks down to many of the other trainers at the gym and spins tall tales to his high school trainees, whose parents are paying top dollar for his training services based on his faulty resume. He is a con artist plain and simple and you guys called him out, its been a long time coming.
    Have you seen his supposed client list posted on his site? It includes Shaq, Karl Malone, Magic Johnson, Sean Rooks, Bo Kimble, John Lynch, Steven tyler from aerosmith, Kim Cattrall, Michael Milken, and Lee Iococca for crying out loud. This is just to name a few.
    He is one of those guys that cannot seperate reality with his fantasies. You Bullshido guys are AWESOME!
    If you could get a business card and scan it, that would be immensely helpful. Then he can't say it was a motivational tool. You put it on your website and business cards? No way.

    8 years on the website, IMO, is bad enough. Adding business card advertisment fully eliminates that excuse IMO.

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Apparently Mr. Suzuki did earn his credentials through the scientific fighting congress. here is the email sent by the owner in regards to Mr. Suzuki's affiliation with his organization.

    I know Trent since about 1999.
    I have not seen him in person since about 2004? 2003?

    And we require that see each instructor about once a year-ish or so. Since I have not seen him in years? We took him off the active list.
    He has several rankings with us, and those he gave you look correct from my memory.
    While he has achieved them and can say so forever as any good martial art would register them and say so, but he is not active with us anymore.

    Yes he got and earned them.
    No, we haven’t seen him in years and he is not active or current with us.

    I am due back in San Diego in October and was hoping he would maybe show up and get re-activated with new training.


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    Bachelors Degree Verified

    I have verified Trent Suzuki's Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology:
    Quote Originally Posted by Student Clearing House

    Transaction ID.........: 015639954
    Date Requested.........: 09/10/2009 23:00 EST
    Requested By...........: [REDACTED]

    __________________________________________________ __________

    Subject Name
    First Name.........: TRENT
    Middle Name........:
    Last Name..........: SUZUKI
    Name Used While Attending School
    First Name.........:
    Middle Name........:
    Last Name..........:

    School Name............: UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA-LOS ANGELES (001315-00)

    Attempt To.............: Verify a degree.

    __________________________________________________ __________

    Name On School's Records: TRENT KATSUO SUZUKI
    Date Awarded............: 12/12/1986
    Degree Title............: BACHELOR OF SCIENCE
    Major Course(s) of Study: KINESIOLOGY

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    As mentioned, the only thing I have a problem with his excuse is the length of time he was being falsely advertised. I mean, I imagine he paid for the website to be done, and he isn't going to check out to make sure he got his money's worth? If the business cards part is true then he should be ashamed.

    As far as the people he has claimed to train, I do not know how extensively he could have been into training them, but I know Shaq is dedicated to The6Levels.

    He seems to me like some guy who was just trying to make himself look flashy to any unsuspecting persons' eyes.

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