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    U.S. Southeast Regional Throwdown - August 29th Gainesville, FL

    U.S. SE region throwdown - August 29th
    Gainesville, Florida

    All you bullies in Mississippi, Tennessee, Carolinas, Georgia, Florida and beyond! There will be a throwdown hosted on the 29th of August, 2PM.
    Please go to this thread for directions.

    Get your throwdown fist, get schooled by differernt fighters, learn how awesome or useless your style is. But at the same time, leave pride at home and make this your win-win opportunity!

    The venue has been around for a while, old, and stinks like feet but over the years it has bred the toughest fighters in town. Plenty of space for grappling and even a boxing ring. Bring your own gear, but if you really can't get your hands on some items we have you covered. But bring your own mouthguard!

    Furthermore the city of Gainesville's nightlife scene is ECONOMICAL, open until 2AM and bustling with activity with students from the University of Florida. I am sure a bunch of bullies will be heading over to that area that evening. Get your sparring fix, relax fix, AND your party fix. What more can you want from a TD?

    It is 10 dollars per person to rent the facility.

    Link to throwdown group

    Link to thread with all the necessary information

    Link to post with directions, etc.
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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Ground rules:
    At all times, there should be an EXPERIENCED person watching any two people sparring. We will work this on a volunteer basis. If you see a station empty and you want to work in it, try and find a third person to watch you guys. And if you see two people about to start, please do volunteer.

    Me (DWKFYM - stocky-ish asian guy with shaved head), J.C. (boxing coach), Dr. Fagbot Ph. D. (Patrick) and Jim (average sized, tallish guy) will be especially available for overseeing.

    There will be a round timer, lets all follow the timer unless otherwise agreed.

    Please keep the facility clean. At the end of the event, it would be nice if everyone would chip in to help vacuum and clean up the gym.

    When you get there, there will be a sign-in sheet. Find me (DWKFYM) as soon as you get there! Please note your bullshido handle, real name and then pay the fee to me.

    Keep all sparring under full-contact. I.E. 75% and below. If you want to go harder it will happen after the first hour of the throwdown, after people have observed you. No knockouts, no major injuries. If you are going to do full thai rules with clinch and knees, please no knees to the head.

    All goes, except if you have someone picked up or substantially off-balance from a takedown attempt, please let them down fairly gently. This goes off the premises that there is a significant skill imbalance.

    There will be aspiring beginner martial artists from the various University of Florida martial arts clubs. Please set an example for these people.

    Please keep it safe, friendly, and fun!



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