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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
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    Its around my waist.

    What is your goal?

    What are you good at?

    Your alterations are willy nilly. They don't make sense because you do not provide much of a context for them. Many people do indeed provide alternative methods... specifically to address a teaching goal.

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Wouldn't you have to drill at least a small amount to introduce new techniques to students?
    Most techniques are based off of simple movements. The way I do things is that I drill them maybe three times and then go do it.

    Or are you working on the premise that they would they know all the techniques once they'd passed through the white belt stage?
    I'm working on the premise that they can move their hips and carry out shrimps, scissor outs, basic collar chokes, etc. So basically, once they leave the white belt stage, they should have the building blocks for the vast majority of techniques that they'll encounter.

    How will you deal with the student that likes or needs to know what the schedule or curriculum is. Some guys just need to have things mapped out and while some will flourish in a structure-free environment, some will whither and wilt.
    Currently, I don't even know what's coming next. I wake up in the morning, check my email and start class.

    Be sure to lather on the positive reinforcement. Dudes will be fucking up more then succeeding and often it is harder on the mind, will and ego then on the body to fail and fail often before seeing and accepting the success.
    Yeh, I know. But when they're set up to fail and make it anyways, its that much better.

    What is your goal?
    To teach jiujitsu efficiently and effectively.

    What are you good at?
    Sweeps, but as far as my students are concerned, everything.

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