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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Quote Originally Posted by HongkongFooie View Post
    So if these "weapons" work, I guess the next question would be...is the time and effort involved in developing a tough second knuckle worth it? Is the limited time available for training worth devoting a portion to knuckle toughening. Maybe so considering practice for this might consist of 3 sets of 5 seconded knuckle push ups and working your way up to something like 3 sets of 20.

    Does your Choy Lay Fut sifu recommend a knuckle toughing training routine?
    He recommends it if you plan on hitting someone in that way. He finds it worthwhile for him. He is very into modern training methods (competed in pankration, san da, etc and teaches a pretty conventional kickboxing delivery system) but likes training in some traditional elements that may give him an edge over people who don't (for example, he does some pretty technical kicking training, he says kicking is kind of a lost art these days). I don't know if he has his students train this way, as I'm not one of his students. From what I've gathered, though, it's not a feat he shares with everyone- some people think it's stupid and he's content to have others doubt it- then he gets to keep his neat kung fu secret. It probably has a long period where you'd be better off doing conventional push ups, but at this point he can do leopard fist ones as easilly as regular ones, so it's not an issue.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CodosDePiedra View Post
    ...he can do leopard fist ones as easilly as regular ones, so it's not an issue.
    I would recommend starting with full fist push ups to strengthen the wrist a bit, then practicing just being stationary with the leopard fist in your standard front lean & rest position; when the wrists are strong enough, practice doing the extended knuckle push-up on pillows, thick foam, or a few blankets, even in sand, as the padding will also offer some stability. Reduce the padding over time and eventually the knuckles will be more conditioned and the wrists will be stronger.
    "Judo is a study of techniques with which you may kill if you wish to kill, injure if you wish to injure, subdue if you wish to subdue, and, when attacked, defend yourself" - Jigoro Kano (1889)
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    "The judoist has no time to allow himself a margin for error, especially in a situation upon which his or another person's very life depends...."
    ~ The Secret of Judo (Jiichi Watanabe & Lindy Avakian), p.19

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Nice advice! I've tried second knuckle push ups before and they plain ol' fashioned hurt. I've also read that you can start on a wall, that is, do the push ups on the wall and slowly increase the degree of your lean until your ready to hit the mat.
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