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    7/15/2009 2:07pm

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Quote Originally Posted by jnp View Post
    If the fight does happen, will Carwin be able to avoid Lesnar's takedown? Lesnar knows and understands that at his present skill level, a takedown followed by ground and pound from the top is his best strategy.

    So does Carwin have the wrestling chops to stuff Lesnar's takedown and keep the fight standing? I ask because I haven't seen any of his fights.
    He was a div II champion, and he was able to get back to his feet with a Mundials winner on top of him after knocking him silly. I was under the impression Gonzaga is known for his top game.
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    7/15/2009 3:54pm

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Quote Originally Posted by diesel_tke View Post
    It's the newest thing! Traditional MMA!!
    Traditional MMA was born the day they started selling TapouT at the mall.
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    7/15/2009 4:12pm

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Quote Originally Posted by hpr View Post
    Thanks. That's what I kind of figured out. How does that system react to so called late bloomers? Div 1 schools snatch over the top greats from div 2 schools next year via better scholarships? Or, at least in something like wrestling that just doesn't make colleges / universities that big bucks they'll generally stay in the div 2 school no matter how great they are?

    EDIT: Good English once again.. Oh well. I'm just interested in probability of finding excellent, top of the line (even potential Olympians) from div 2.
    I don't know about wrestling but I've seen some monster Rugby players come out of Div II and Div III schools.

    Div I school will grab the "best" but "best" is often subjective and the college scene is a far cry from High School.
    I do not aspire to be great, or even good, I hope to suck a little less then last class.
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