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    Nov 2006
    Guilin, China

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    7/09/2009 9:59pm

     Style: Sanda, Taijiquan ( Chen)

    Hell yeah! Hell no!

    Lansing Free Martial Arts Club

    Hello all,

    I have just returned to the West after having lived in China for over four years to become a policeman and have started a free club to attract people to train and spar with. I studied and taught a combination of 散打 (Sanda = Chinese kickboxing), boxing (part of the Sanda with a Chinese flavour, orginally taught to Chinese by the Russians), Muay Thai, 摔跤 (Shuaijiao = Chinese wrestling), and 擒拿 (Qinna = Joint locks, muscle tearing, et cetera), amongst other things, in China and am also very interested in knife defence and have been reading ancient European combat manuals.

    ALMOST anyone can join, regardless of experience, and I will teach them if they can't already spar, but also welcome veterans who may be able to contribute. We are looking for people of integrity that love martial arts and friendly sparring matches. There is no fee. The only thing I ask of members is dedication, sweat, and possibly blood. We don't do groundwork and the round ends with a solid throw to the ground. It would be nice if you had your own proper headgear and boxing gloves, though we have several extra cheapies for beginners.

    My motives behind this are:

    1) Improve my fighting skills
    2) Get into shape for my police training
    3) Meet like-minded people
    4) Because I also enjoy teaching martial arts/coaching
    and 5) Entertainment

    We are also doing stick fighting in the Irish style with hockey protective gear, which is my partner Gary's project and is both great for improving reflexes and a sharseload of fun. If you are interested please send me an E-mail (MaartenSFS@hotmail.com) or give me a call at (517) 694-0861. We are based in South Lansing and practise in a football (soccer) field near the Holt Highschool, next to a forest. Hope to see you there.

    - Cheers, Maarten Sebastiaan Franks Spijker
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    8/03/2009 7:22am

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    how many years of training did you have?
    where did you learn sanda?
    who said you could teach?


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