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  1. Scott Larson is offline
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    7/06/2009 9:24am

     Style: Bazhengdao quan, Baji

    Hell yeah! Hell no!

    Sanshou at UB? (University at Buffalo)

    I find it odd that there are many videos up, but none of them have any throws in them. Does anyone have any experience with this club?

    Here's one of the vids:

    YouTube - CMAC San Da Sparring
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    Posted On:
    7/06/2009 9:38am

     Style: Jerry-Bashing

    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    I emailed them once about their BJJ - they had an instructor come in from Rochester twice a week. Very nice via email, though all the organizers had changed from those listed on their website. From what I could gather there's an extremely high turnover of participants as you would expect with a college clientele. I see that most of his UB videos are two or three years old. There's a good chance none of those people are there anymore.


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