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    8/20/2009 1:10pm

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Quote Originally Posted by DerAuslander108 View Post
    Says the loser who can't even make it out on a Friday night with over a month's advance notice.
    I have to get written permission.
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    8/21/2009 7:34pm

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    [quote=ShaolinKungPao;2197303]I have been closely connected to the U.S. Navy as an active duty enlisted man and now as a civilian contractor. Several people I have worked with and continue to work with are either alumni or former instructors at USNA. I take exception to "limited knowledge". As most middies I've known went into or were somehow involved with C/S, I wouldn't consider "fighting by pushing buttons" to be very far fetched. Most ship drivers I know today would call themselves dedicated button pushers.

    Good afternoon Shaolinkungpao,

    No offense intended; when I read your original post it felt very derogatory towards Flane. Please correct me where I am wrong with such comments as you alluded to him being "Poser Fail" or that he "could just be a moron". Which reminds me, I never heard whether I was incorrect in the status of the Air Commandos - nor did anyone come back to correct regarding the now Defunct Commando units of the 60s.

    And then comments such as "when did they start teaching middies how to fight without pushing buttons". Regardless of your status as Enlisted (which I hold in the highest regards most of the time - Flane served as enlisted in the Army in Vietnam) and your affiliation with Alumni and Staff, you made a comment that I took as condescending towards the programs at the Naval Academy (which include Marine Corps Martial Arts and Boxing as curriculum as well as the opportunity to learn from establish teams and clubs to include Aikido, Judo, Karate, MMA, Gung Fu/Tai Chi and wrestling). If your intent was not derogatory, then I stand down. However, you initial remarks did not seem to be leaning towards a proud heritage of "button pushing" - but more along the lines of a sharp stab at soft electronic warriors.

    I initially started to spout off more, and realized I was being a bit childish and self-defensive. If you care to continue this discussion, I would welcome offline chat so that we don't blog down this site. In addition since you appear to be someone interested in combatives (hence you are on Bullshido), I would welcome you visiting to see what we teach at the Naval Academy and a friendly discourse between you and I.

    I hope you have a great Navy day and I look forward to hearing back from you.

    Anthony M. Clark
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