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    Latest MMA/Martial Arts Articles and Reviews

    (Also, it's Robot Wednesday, whoop.)

    [I]ErikW[/"]No BS Martial Arts - View Profile: ErikW@@AMEPARAM@@View Profile: ErikW</title>@@AMEPARAM@@ErikW, president of Elite Athlete Management, contributed this OpEd piece about The BLURRING of Lines...Promoter/Matchmaker/Manager, with the intent on protecting the interests of the fighter:
    Typically, each of the following persons must be licensed: Announcer, Booking Agent, Judge, Manager, Matchmaker, Participant, Promoter, Referee, Second/s, Timekeeper, Trainer, and Concessionaire. Depending on your specific state there may be more or less licenses required for your run-of-the-mill MMA event. This article will focus on the duties and relationship between four specific persons and licenses

    [COLOR=#2ba8ec]Josh_Grant[/COLO"]No BS Martial Arts - View Profile: Josh_Grant@@AMEPARAM@@View Profile: Josh_Grant</title>@@AMEPARAM@@Josh_Grant opined about the ever-present problem of shoddy instructors making a fast buck via distance training in his article The eBay Dojo.
    ...most serious martial artists of any flavor generally look at these homestudy systems with a certain amount of disdain- usually ranging from minorly amused to violently opposed to the concept.

    And why not? It's questionable teachers teaching a questionable curriculum to individuals who are either too cheap or to scared too join a real class dealing with real martial artists.
    Big [COLOR=#cccccc]willieo[/COLO"]No BS Martial Arts - View Profile: willieo@@AMEPARAM@@View Profile: willieo</title>@@AMEPARAM@@willieo style educates us with his review of the Gladiator Pro mouth guard
    Now, I have to preface this by saying that I don't flinch at paying a lot for a mouthguard. I've lost some teeth, (once as a kid while skateboarding, and again as an adult while taking a bite out of a charging prop's head during a rugby match) and don't want to have to go through that again. I'm also protecting a pretty expensive upper bridge, and if that gets damaged, I have to walk around looking like Cletus the Slack-Jawed yokel for at least a couple of days.
    [COLOR=#2ba8ec]1point2[/COLO"]No BS Martial Arts - View Profile: 1point2@@AMEPARAM@@View Profile: 1point2</title>@@AMEPARAM@@1point2 is bad for a blood alcohol count, but good for a review of Black Hole BJJ:
    Classes are run by Mike or, in his absence, one of his purples or browns. Generally there are from 6 to 20 people in a class, with about 1/3 being women. There's a fair number of whites and blues in every class, and usually 1 to 3 purples or browns in addition to Mike.
    And Scarola Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu could apparently use an update.

    If you'd like to see your review or article featured here, then get off your butt and write one! Also, if you've posted a recent review that we missed, it's because we're jerks so just shoot me a private message and I promise to not ignore it for more than a few days.
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    Holy crap, I made the front page!

    Ticker tape parade in my honor!
    What a disgrace it is for a man to grow old without ever seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable. -Xenophon's Socrates

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    About the eBay Dojo

    While its usually true that distance learning classes are usually taught by people who are afraid to prove their ****, I still try and learn from them (free via the interbutts, if I can), because even though these people have rarely if not ever tried their ideas against flesh-and-blood opponents, they still amy be able to bring a unique idea to the table, one which you can tweak for your own uses.


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