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  1. lord shorty is offline

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    Aug 2008
    i live in a vortex of consciousness

    Posted On:
    6/16/2009 8:38pm

     Style: shotokan karate, capoeira

    Hell yeah! Hell no!

    macro biotic diet

    kill me now please

    who is on this god forsaken

    (or god endorsed) diet?

    i would much rather do some vedic or traditional Chinese medicine influenced EVERYTHING but in MODERATION diet

    is that possible?
  2. adouglasmhor is offline
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    Nov 2006
    Glasgow, United Kingdom, United Kingdom

    Posted On:
    6/17/2009 8:46am

     Style: Les Mills Bodycombat™

    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    I did it for 6 weeks while recovering after combined chemical therapy. It sucks big style and is too low in protein and fruit. But it did help me recover from the nausea and inflammation caused by the drugs (Ribavirin and Interferon). But probably any low GI diet would have done that to be honest.


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