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  1. MoonRunX is offline

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    Jun 2009

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    6/21/2009 7:50am

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!

    Starting kettlebell exercises for a noob

    Ben,You still liking your Kawi? Im thinking about getting one of those little pukes J/K of course.. any feedback would be appreciated.
  2. jeff5 is offline

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    Jan 2007
    NW burbs of Chicago

    Posted On:
    6/26/2009 3:29pm

     Style: KunTao & Kettlebells

    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Definitely swings and get ups, and get Enter the Kettlebell by Pavel. Even if you don't follow the program the safety tips (it's your fault!), and technique advice is great. Seeing an RKC wouldn't hurt either if you have the funds. Art of Strength also has a pretty good companion ETK work book as well that puts a bit more structure to Pavel's program.

    I think the core excercises for KB's are Swings, Get Ups, then progress to Cleans (get the clean down without beating the hell out of your forearm), then Presses (good form without ripping your shoulder to pieces), then Snatches. Then whatever you want.
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