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    Quote Originally Posted by ciscodog View Post
    Kata isnt useless, it just shouldn't be the entire focus. Sit in a cat stance for 10-15 minutes and let me know how your legs feel. Balance is the key just like anything else in life.
    Punch yourself in the face for 10-15 minutes and let me know how your face feels. I'm kidding, of course, but I'd argue that those 10-15 minutes could be better spent doing something more similar to fighting than standing in one place. Yoga is often about standing in a difficult stance for long periods, but it's not the best way to train for fighting (and it's often more beneficial than the cat stance). To give you an idea of my background, I've spent nearly a decade doing all kinds of static low stance training in a traditional kung fu style, and I find it more useful and enjoyable to develop quick, agile footwork rooted in athletic theory over standing in a low stance. I still do some of the low stancework, but it's more so related to the fact that being able to easilly squat very low is a useful thing for fighting in some instances (but I don't think it's necessary to do long periods of stance training to develop this).

    Quote Originally Posted by teh_pelt View Post
    oh and as for the argument of shadow boxing over Kata, they are the same thing, kata is just a prearranged set as opposed to an improvised one. i know can't be the only one who see's this.
    Fighting is improvised, not prearranged, and when training for any endeavor, training is more likely to be useful to when it more closely resembles what you're training for.

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    I've used American Kenpo to defend myself a number of times. However I never had time to finish a complete technique. If kenpo techniques are broken down into attack and response catagories (inside left punch, outside right. etc.) then Kenpo gives its users great spotinaiety. Kenpo techniques have man key movements in common, these key movements help build a vocubulary for self-defense. As far as Katas go they build up the basics and emphasize key points of combat.

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