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    Boxing by Allanson-Winn

    I have republished the 1915 edition Boxing by R. G. Allanson-Winn.

    As always, the PDF download is free.


    In 1915 R.G. Allanson-Winn published this abridged version of Boxing.

    The Lord Headly, an avid boxer, martial artist, and self defense enthusiast, included not only sections on the basics of boxing, old pugilistic grappling, judging advice, training, and diet, but also a section of self defense and la Savate.

    He included over 30 posed photographs and drawings detailing important elements of this golden age boxing system, making this manual a must for boxers, researchers and martial artists of today.

    Peace favor your sword,

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    And once again, thanks for sharing this interesting resource.

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    Thanks, Kirk.

    Allanson-Winn was one of the most highly educated boxers of his day, and his manual is correspondingly one of the most articulate.

    For the benefit of any interested bystanders, Allanson-Winn was also the co-author of the classic "Broadsword and Singlestick", which includes chapters on all manner of c1900 fencing sports (including quarterstaff and bayonet fencing) as well as some notably realistic advice on self defense.


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