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    Hell yeah! Hell no!

    Clinic in Ohio

    The clinic is $25.00 per person
    The clinic will be from 1:00PM to 4:00PM
    You can just show up, you do not need to register early

    Findlay YMCA East Branch
    1400 Manor Hill Road
    Findlay, Ohio 45840

    YMCA Phone: 419-422-9922
    Mark's Cell: 419-722-3476

    Hour One: Throws (Gi top or Kurtka needed)

    1. Gripping (offense and defense)
    2. Driving leg/Attacking Leg
    3. The big 4
    4. Intergraded personal attack off of the big 4 (attack to off balance)
    5. Drills to strengthen your standing game

    Hour Two: Ground game

    1. Position, Isolation, Technique
    2. Throwing to position from the big 4
    3. Securing position.
    4. Submission from position.
    5. Preventing throwing to position.
    6. Escaping positions
    7. Escaping submissions.
    8. Drills to strengthen your ground game

    Hour Three: MMA

    1. Kicking in MMA, neglected concepts
    2. Counter kicking, kicking to close the gap and clinch
    3. Kicking to the shoot
    4. Takedown or slam? The Sambo approach. (Roughest part of the clinic by far)
    5. Failed Clinch or takedown: Punch Outs
    6: Passing the half guard and guard in mma
    7. Escapes and Counters

    Of course throughout the clinic we will have the great Moose smackdown.

    Hour Four: Eat till we puke at Oriental Buffet.

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    I know it is DHS and all but you forgot to give a date when this all is going to happen...
    Sometimes you lose and sometimes the other guy wins.

    At this point I don't owe anybody an explenation.

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Yep, missed that. In keeping with my feelings on the matter....



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