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    11/20/2008 5:16pm

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    I just did that to my toe last month. I just taped it and kept training, I didn't even bother with ice or anything. Last weekend at the TD I popped my right ring finger out of joint at the second knuckle. That is an entirely different matter, it looked like Barney the Dinosaur's joint on Monday morning.
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    11/20/2008 6:55pm

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Quote Originally Posted by 2groggy
    What do you mean by "P.R.I.C.E"?

    After a nine days off, I tried going to a MT class yesterday, with the toe buddy taped and wearing a pair of mat shoes. I never could skip rope worth a crap and I didn't want to hop, so I warmed up on the elliptical machine instead. The sore toe interfered with my pivot, especially on the kicks, so I stuck to fists and elbows. I'll try the BJJ tonight with the tape and mat shoes and see how it goes.

    As far as the pain goes, it's the street shoes that bother me. They just seem that little bit too narrow and hurt a bit. I should bring some slippers to the office. It might raise a few eyebrows, but so what?
    P.R.I.C.E = Protection, rest, ice, compression, elevation.

    you have the right idea.. do what you can and protect it until it's fully healed. If your toe can handle it, maybe use this time to work specifically on your boxing. (Though a lot of it imo doesn't quite carry over to MT perfectly, it should help)
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