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    Katou, What rank level did you achieve with Gary Martin?

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    i got to black belt level 2

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    Hi Guys,
    I found this thread last night after looking for a local martial arts class for my little girl.
    Anyway I thought I'd google my old martial arts school 'Gary Martin Kung Fu' and found this thread.
    Sorry for digging up a old thread.
    I didn't think I'd find anything and I couldn't believe that he has a web site. As someone mentioned earlier in the thread Gary isn't very computer literate. Even if he was he wouldn't because it isn't something he can control or manipulate.
    He isn't the sort of person to come on a forum like this or come to one of your 'throwdown' events and be humiliated or embarrassed or admit that there are things wrong with his techniques.
    Gary is a hard person to talk to. If it's something he wants to talk about he will talk about it till the cows come home but if it's some he doesn't then.
    I'm just going to go thru the thread and make some comments on my experiences at his school, with Gary and his wife.
    I used to train at Gary's school a few years back for well over 5 years and got up to a high level black belt.
    Why did I leave? I left because I had a demanding job at the time (which I still have) and a young family who needed my support and still do to this day and it was getting expensive.
    The prices for gradings and classes had also started to climb. I had a young family and a mortgage to support so it was one reason of the reasons I left. I wasn't the only one who left because classes cost too much.
    I think it's turned into the McDonalds of Kung Fu.
    At the time these things didn't mix very well with Gary's interpretation of Kung Fu (as it probably still doesn't today) because he expects everyone to train 3 nights a week regardless.
    As someone mentioned earlier in the thread this is great if you are single with no committments but once you have a wife/girlfriend, demanding job, family, etc. then it's harder to juggle.
    The final straw for me was missing a training session due to having a personal issue which had a higher priority then Kung Fu and when I tried to explain it I was wasn't acceptable to Gary's wife. I never returned after that. I was pretty pee'ed off for a while after that.
    I also couldn't handle dealing with his wife and the good cop/bad cop routine they had going on. His wife was always the one dealing with the bad news and Gary was always the one dealing with the good news.
    If you passed a grade then Gary gave you the cert. If you missed class without a reason then has wife gave you a ear bashing.
    As for some topics in the thread:
    * The website has some claims whether true or false but like everything are open to interpretation and exageration. Some things are also unable to be proven. Some just make me laugh.
    Alot of this is to do with his ego. If you have alook at most of the stuff pinned around his school it's about him. I love the faces in the photo he does. If there aren't on the site have a look next time Blitz is out. Is he still in this?
    * The lineage of Gary's Kung fu was something that was never really discussed and most people I think took it for granted. Much like when you take your kids to school you assume the teacher is a accredited teacher. You don't ask to see their uni degree and teaching history.
    I was around when he did his original gold sash and I don't think many people if any asked about the lineage or who graded him at all.
    * As for the techniques discussed in this thread. Kung Fu at Gary Martin was the first and last MA I have done and I don't keep a active interest in it so I'm not going to comment on different techniques and what's what. This got done to death earlier in the thread.
    * Sparring as far as full contact is concerned wasn't done very often when I was there and when it was done with gloves,mouth guard, instep protection etc. It was was also something you didn't have to do. kf fighter explained the way most of the training was when I was there.
    * At the time I was there knife defense was a simulated thing and the training partners had to visualise who had the knife and where it was. As kf fighter said things had changed since I left.
    * The beginner level classes are 'open' classes but the later 'advanced level' classes are closed door. All the 'internal' classes for brown,black and red sashes are also closed door based on the level you were.
    * Whilst I was at the school there was no interaction between other schools. I did hear of other students going to other schools on their own initiative but it was never a organised thing.
    * Katou mentioned about the gold sashs who left after the grading. This was after I left but similar things have happened in the past with high level black belts(before there were lots of them) and red sashs. Most of the reasons why they left were hearsay and kept hush hush and not spoken about. Most of these guys were nice normal blokes and would not left for a trivial reason.
    Most reference to them is usually wiped away and if you hadn't known they were there it was like they had never trained there.
    When I was there the guys teaching the earlier classes were usually guys that that done it for a few years with Gary moving around overseeing different groups. He taught all the advanced classes.
    It's a very 'clicky' school. The guys who helped out by teaching the earlier beginner classes used to get preferential treatment with free drink and classes. People who didn't were just 'numbers' for want of a better word. The guys who stopped teaching the earlier classes due to having other committments usually got the cold shoulder.
    When I was there I did enjoy my training and was pretty fit at the time from it. I'm still fit but not at that level.
    The thing I didn't like was the politics and BS that went with it.
    That's my view of Gary Martin Kung Fu. Some may agree and some may disagree but its a free world.
    Don't know what happened to kf fighter but I hope he is alright.
    I do know NoBSkungfu has gone back to Gary Martin with all the other sheep.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FuzzyBear View Post
    For the sake of newborn puppies, please, use paragraphs!

    Welcome to Bullshido, now I'm going to take a deep breath and actually read what you've written...

    OK, I read it.

    Good to have another person with personal experience, writing pretty much emotion-free and on topic. Thanx for that.

    Say, Fuzzy, are you looking for some MA training again? We've got several Australian Bullshido members who would - I'm sure - gladly assist you with advice and other help, should you be interested...
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    I got BULLSHIDO ON TV!!!

    "Bruce Lee sucks because I slammed my nuts with nunchucks trying to do that stupid **** back in the day. I still managed to have two kids. I forgive you Bruce.
    " - by Vorpal

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Sorry about the paragraphs. Thanks for reading it.

    I pretty much call things as I see them whether it be in work or personal life.

    As I said in the first post some people may agree with what I wrote and some people may not.

    If there are any links for training in the Sydney area pls post them.

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!

    Hi, I am going to use every cliche and lie in the book.

    which suburb do you live in?

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