Once you get the basics down then it starts to get to the point where you should be working on refining them and approaching them in a more advanced where. This is where “advanced basics” comes in.

Advanced Basics = The ability to apply basic concepts and movements in a manner that will work even at the highest level. It’s a higher level of thinking with the basics in mind. It’s basically something that a beginner may not think of. Beginners think of moves and then just try to do the movements. Advanced players think of movements and how they can add timing and tweaks to them to make them highly effective at all levels.

In this video you will see what I’m talking about. I explain a very simple but advanced approach to basics movements. You’ll see a simple closed guard sweep where I talk about:

- Grips - Why I control a sleeve grip a certain way. How I help myself get pant grip buy my opponent’s knee.

- Timing - How I use my opponent’s movements against them and the proper time to do so.

- Basic Movements - How I add in the basic movements of the flower sweep and scissor sweep.

- Control - Some simple controlling things I do to make my sweep better.

This is a video that talks about using your opponent’s decisions against them. It’s just one example on how you can use this situation to do something. There are even more things that can be done even from this one exploit.

Now some people may say, “This isn’t advanced”. If they do then I disagree. I consider it “advanced” basics because the beginner level play does not usually think of this. Heck, the intermediate player doesn’t even really think of this either. BUT THEY SHOULD!

Thanks for watching,
Jason Scully