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    Are suplexes illegal in folkstyle

    I would have bet money that this question had been asked before so I did a forum search with the word "Suplex" but it came up empty.

    My question is, is there an explicit ban on suplex throws in folkstyle?

    I have been wrestling since my junior year in high school (I am now a sophomore in college), and I have seen plenty of true German Suplexes (guy was flipped straight over the throwing wrestler's head) both in JV and Varsity level competition.

    One of my wrestling coaches said they were illegal, the other said they were not.

    I did a search for a definition of a "slam" in folkstyle and came up with the following (the only problem with this source is I am in Florida, and this was from a Connecticut website)

    Quote Originally Posted by http://usawct.org/FAQcalls.php
    A slam occurs when either wrestler lifts his/her opponent off the mat and returns him/her with unnecessary force. All must understand that either wrestler could be assessed this infraction.
    I have spent a lot of time searching and I have yet to find a list of explicitly forbidden techniques when it comes to throwing.

    Could someone please clarify this for me?

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    Unless something has changed in the 5 years I've been out of the sport, yes it is illegal. I don't see why it would be legalized since in folkstyle it doesn't really do anything but get your opponent back to the mat.

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    Yeah, suplexes are expressly forbidden in scholastic wrestling. I'm not 100% sure about this, but I think that the issue hear is the small gap between the rules of scholastic and collegiate wrestling. At the scholastic level, it's illegal without a doubt. At the collegiate level, there might be certain circumstances that make it legal. Maybe it's just the referee's discretion. You should prolly ask your coaches for more clarity.

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    Quote Originally Posted by musicalmike235
    I would have bet money that this question had been asked before so I did a forum search with the word "Suplex" but it came up empty.
    I don't know what it may bring to your searching, but USA folkstyle wrestling usually spells it as it is pronounced: "suplay". (I've also seen "souplesse".)

    If memory serves, folkstyle wrestling requires the lifting wrestler ensure his or her opponent's safe return the the mat.

    It's not exactly what you are looking for, but here is a link to the rules for freestyle, greco-roman, women's, and beach wrestling: http://www.themat.com/forms/2007_RuleBook.pdf

    Edit: I found the NCAA rulebook:
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