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    12/10/2003 2:00pm

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Originally posted by tangshou
    1984 is the best book ever; I just hope it¡¯s not prophetic. Thought the economic system in the book is communist, Oceana (was that the name?) has more in common with modern US than anywhere else. I saw this years ago, now with Bush the resemblance is glaring.

    People think it¡¯s not possible the good old US of A, because we ¡®think for ourselves¡¯, we¡¯re ¡®informed¡¯, and our media is ¡®free¡¯, or because I can call Rumsfield a dickhead if I want to. Besides, America is a euphemism for freedom, so it just couldn¡¯t happen. In China at least everyone knows the government controls the media.
    It's funny asking if it's prophetic, considering Orwell basically wrote it to describe the year he was living in

    -> 1948... He just reversed the last 2 digits & pretended it was sci-fi...

    World has been like that for a long long time already, if not always...
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    12/10/2003 3:47pm

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    'congress shall pass no law etc' and I thought, congress is federal so does that mean states/cities can do it?
    Not sure about cities, but states...yes (provided their OWN constitution would allow such a thing). Such things just aren't in style anymore though. But if they were, I'm sure federal judicical activisim would put a stop to it. Case in point, an Alaska court ruling deemed the criminality of marijuana posession to be unconstititional. I'm not sure where that went since then, though. But then there's the federal Drug Enforcement Agency. Kind of a conflict there. There shouldn't be.

    Point is, nobody with even a vestige of self-ownership likes the bloated, detached behemoth in Washington meddling in local affairs. It just doesn't have the dexterity. It can't.
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