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    Quote Originally Posted by Goju - Joe
    NUMBER 1)

    Fedor's manger is a guy named Vadim Finkelstein - so I doubt Fedor is Anti-semetic, I doubt Alexsander is Anti Semteic , Russians tend to be a weird people about this stuff.


    Number 2)

    While I fell bad for Buentello who is a class act, out of getting screwed from a fight and pay day

    Who's Cap't Dumbass now!!!!

    (although I don't know what the official reasons are so I might still be a dumbass, maybe not a Capt possibly a Sargent)
    No, your more like a *Rear Admiral

    *strong emphasis on rear

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    Quote Originally Posted by SoulMechanic
    No, your more like a *Rear Admiral

    *strong emphasis on rear

    Stop looking at my ass..

    Stop it I say!!!

    I call shenanigans!

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    What the **** is wrong with this guy!?

    Quote Originally Posted by Emelianenko
    Avenging Losses

    Yes, yes there are. But all those people at this point in time Ö . We offered for me to fight Barnett now, and they donít want to. We were sitting down together, and I said letís fight. And he said I donít want to fight you, youíre an insane fighter.

    Last time when we fought I was ill. Iíll explain. I came out to fight with a temperature. I had a temperature of 98.6. The doctors didnít want to let me fight. In my life, the grand prix was by far the most important competition. And I had to fight, was obligated to fight. And they didnít want to let me go into the ring. And so the organizers were called, and thatís why I tried to beat Barnett early, and then couldnít and lost by submission.

    I donít think of it as a loss. I think that I shouldnít have competed. Why shouldnít I have competed? Because. Losing, Iím not scared of losing. Everyone thinks that I showed a good, beautiful fight. And that I beat and beat him. And now he refuses to fight me. Or is asking for crazy money to do it. And of course the organizers think that Barnett isnít worth that kind of money. Why pay him such money? So that he can lose? And he himself, knows perfectly well that heíd lose. And so thatís why he is refusing to fight me.

    Cro Cop isnít even communicating with us. His form is evident in his last few fights. His time has gone. People have learned to read him too well. Really, he is now exactly like he was in the past. He was gathering experience but not at a high level. The Japanese were feeding him Japanese fighters. I think that in my whole career of fighting in Japan, I didnít fight a single Japanese fighter. Why? Because Iíd have less chance to be their champion. They constantly gave me fighters who were better and better. Cro Cop, on the other hand, they led him and led him.

    When I fought him, Iíll explain, I was 23 years old. I was very young; it was the fourth fight of my life. But I had to fight him, I had to. And Cro Cop didnít know which corner of the ring to run to, to hide in. And I was young and inexperienced. And so it happened the way it happened, but now Iím ready. Iím ready to fight with him tomorrow. With Cro Cop and then with Barnett.

    And Werdum. Well. Um. OK. I mean, heís a good fighter. But I, I was just there to holiday. I didnít even train for him at all. I just, really, I went there to holiday. And I was asked ďDo you want to fight?Ē and I said ďOK, letís give it a go.Ē And they first had one opponent lined up for me and then suddenly changed him to Werdum.

    Iím ready. It doesnít matter with who or where. On foot or on horseback. With maces or poleaxes. To fight. To first blood or to death. It doesnít matter, Iím ready to fight.

    I went hunting. For bears. With a knife.
    Holy **** it's the Rudy Abel of MMA. What the ****!?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tharuz
    Without accusing fedor of anti semitism, I say I wouldn't be surprised.

    My original choice of words were along the lines of : "I'm pretty sure", but I didn't want to sound accusatory.

    You forget that Fedor is a russian.

    He's not an american like us- he hasn't been brainwashed with anti-racist/anti-xenophobic neo-hippy yuppie propaganda.

    being foreign, he doesn't give a ****.

    with that being said, the aleks emelianenko provably doesn't give a **** about his own tatoo.

    and both brothers are smart not to mention anything.

    so just beacause he landed in prison and happens to have a tatoo with politically fueled meaning you're going to jump on his case?

    my god, its not like he said the n-word.

    its goes without saying that we as an american society, and many other societies with ethnicities, we NEED racial and political tolerance

    if neo-hippy yuppie brainwashing the masses with RACISM IS BAD bleating is what we need to do, so be it.

    but that doent mean that we should push our ideologies on different cultures either, if russians dont give a **** about anything they will not listen you, no matter how much you bitch at them.

    just don't think that you are less ignorant than an ignorant racist for repeating the same **** over and over again about how racism is bad and how we need to socially ostracise people with discriminatory beliefs

    do you see the contradiction there? you yuppies are discriminating no bullshit racist foreigners.

    The emelianenkos are a hell of a bunch of fighters, and I couldn't give two shits if they liked cheese soup or didn't like a creed of human beings.

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