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    is there such a thing as too much good stuff in a diet? smelly fart thread.

    currently my diet for the past two months looks something like this


    * oatmeal
    * cup of skim milk
    * tablespoon of natural peanut butter

    morning tea

    * 1 hard boiled egg
    * 1 banana


    * sandwich consisting of 2 pieces of wholemeal bread, either avocado or mayonaise, and either tuna or chicken

    afternoon tea

    * tomato soup made with 1 can of tomato puree, 1 can of water, 3 cups of frozen veges, and 1/4 cup of canola oil (serves three meals/days)


    * 1/2 cup of boiled brown rice and 1 cup of frozen veges
    * 1 cup of skim milk

    dessert (if you can call it that)

    * 1 cup of natural yoghurt

    now my question is, since i've started this diet i've been having the absolute worst smelling farts ever. its like something crawled up my ass, died, and then popped back out, its beyond description. now i put this down to my increase intake in fruit and vege (which wasnt much before i started this diet) and all the fibre im getting from it as well. also before or during these farting episodes of death i get a little bit of pain in my lower gut.

    so does anyone know if this gas of untold horror is from my diet? should i decrease my intake of something? is my diet actually any good?

    any help would be appreciative. btw im male, 70kg, and 24 years old.


    and this is a serious thread. im not trolling.
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    BEANO woulld be good for u.

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    My farts also reek ever since I started upping my protein/calories in my diet. I feel your pain.

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    Usually when people complain about fart smells they are eating a lot of protein.

    I can see that clearly isn't your problem. Wow.

    But really for anyone to tell if your diet is GOOD they would need to know what you are trying to accomplish with it.

    Though I am going to go out on a limb and say no it is not.

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    Unless the OP is 5'0" or shorter and 95lbs or less, that diet is fucking atrocious. Rordog, rather than telling you what a good diet is, please check the sticky thread and see the nutrition links. Your diet is devoid of many nutrients, lean as it may be.

    People have horrible fats when

    - they routinely consume a large amount of protein (1.5+g of protein per bodyweight), or
    - when they begin to eat a rich-protein diet, or
    - coming off a junk diet (specially with lots of coffee and soda),
    - lack of fiber and/or water.

    You come from a bad diet, and your gut biota (the good bacteria in it) is pretty much a post-nuclear holocaust wasteland. The yogurt you are taking at night is a good change, but won't be sufficient.

    In addition to asking you to check the sticky threads and do your math to get a good diet, I will recommend you to do the following:

    WARNING: do it as I'm telling you, or don't do it at all.

    Things To Do Every Day Until The End of Times:

    1. Upon waking up, immediately drink 8oz of water. Don't ingest anything before doing this, and wait at least 15 minutes after drinking water to ingest food.

    2. Before eating a meal or snack, always ingest 8oz of water and wait 10 minutes after that before eating.

    3. During your lunch, and/or dinner (you don't have a fucking dinner, what's up with that????), take a fiber supplement (metamusil or whatever), something giving you about 2g of fiber.

    4. Aim to eat some pineapple or papaya every other day. These two fruits contain enzymes (bromelain and papain respectivelly) that help with digestion. Also, aim to have at least a glass of NO-SUGAR-ADDED cranberry juice (15g of sugar or less) every other day.

    5. Reduce sugars as much as possible.

    6. Take a tablespoon of mineral oil once a week.

    Things To Do ASAP:

    You need to clean your ****, literally. Some people think cleansing is crap. Whatever. I do. I recommend you to do this.

    For the next 5-7 days:

    - Drink at least two cups of chamomile tea a day. If you can't find it, then use pepermint or ginger tea. Add to it a tinie tiny amount of table salt, like the tip of a spoon.

    - Avoid/minimize/water down coffee or tea as much as possible.

    - Avoid spices as much as possible.

    - Double the amount of yogurt you are taking a day.

    - Get pineapple or papaya every morning.

    - Go to the pharmacy and get a probiotic supplement (yes, I know you are getting good bacteria from yogurt. Still, get it.) Either that, or beano as antman suggested.

    - Every night take a teaspoon of mineral oil (no more than that.)

    Once you complete those 5-7 days, you do the following (unless you are under doctor's order to be on a sodium/magnesium restricted diet.)

    - Get a bottle of magnesium citrate (preferable), or magnesium hydroxide (Phillips' Milk of Magnesia), either available over the counter in the pharmacy's laxative section.

    - Upon waking up, take 8oz of water with a half a teaspoon of salt. Wait for one hour without eating anything.

    - An hour after, take another 8oz of water, no salt, mixed with 6 fluid oz of magnesium citrate (10oz if you are a heavy individual), or, if using magnesium hydroxide, 2-4 full tablespoons.

    Copius shits will ensue. Eat easy-to-digest foods throughout the day in small amounts: wholewheat crackers, yogurt, smoked salmon, pineapple, boiled eggs. Avoid red meat during this day.

    Also, try to do this on a weekend or on a day off training. The shits will be copious.

    Follow that up by having a clean diet, using the daily suggestions I gave you. But most important of all, check the freaking sticky thread and go through the nutrition links. Learn how to develop a good diet, for the one you have is not good at all.
    Read this for flexibility and injury prevention, this, this and this for supplementation, this on grip conditioning, and this on staph. New: On strenght standards, relationships and structural balance. Shoulder problems? Read this.

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    at first glance, I thought the diet looked pretty bad too. I plugged it into some software and it turns out that its actually not that far off the mark (assuming my assumptions were right and if I didnt make a mistake):

    calories: 2274
    fat: 37%
    carb: 46%
    protein: 17%
    fiber: 50g (133% PDA)

    other nutrients looked really good with all ranging from 77% to way over 100% RDA (with most over 100%)

    Doesnt look like the "problem" is due to low fiber or high protein. Could be after effects of the previous diet like Macho pointed out ...
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    Could be the sulfur from the egg and mayonnaise.

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    I always question the kind of people that spend their time farting and comparring smells to previous experiences. Do you folks keep a log on this stuff or something?
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    If you aren't keeping track of your farts, well you just aren't training right.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SunTzu
    If you aren't keeping track of your farts, well you just aren't training right.
    And besides, farts are funny.

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