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    7/13/2008 12:26am


    Hell yeah! Hell no!


    I have been doing BJJ for several years and wanted to add some Judo to my grappling game. We don't do much standup at my BJJ school so I felt I was lacking. I arrived at the Dojo which was actually the rec center for an apartment complex. Not really a big deal since it was just The Sensei and 1 other guy. The class started with a good warmup. We then proceeded to doing some instruction and technique. I had already learned some basic Judo throws from Bjj but was pleased to refine my technique. Then we did some matwork instruction. Most of that was very similar to Bjj with some slight variations which I will try adding into my bjj game when I roll monday again. then we did some Randori at around 50-60% Which is good for me since I am really looking to refine my technique. The Sensei was great and the other student was also really cool. At 25 a month I will make it part of my training program.
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    7/13/2008 2:12am

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    I briefly visited this club one time, but it was a bit too far of a drive for me. I wasn't too impressed with the size of the "mat", either. Oh well, you get what you pay for (cheapest club I've ever seen in my life)!


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